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Forged out of the ashes of a much earlier band’s incarnation by Vincent Harnois in 2003, Karkaos has
quickly evolved into one of the most respected and celebrated metal acts from Montreal, Canada.
Mixing elements of death metal, power metal and hard rock, this female-fronted band succeeds in
bridging the gap between extreme darkness and light, beauty and terror, while brutally punishing
audiences with an incredible live show, enabling them to establish a strong following both locally and
abroad within a few short years.

The band released their first E.P. entitled “In Burning Skies” in 2010, closely followed by a professionally
shot music video and a live appearance on Montreal’s prestigious music television station “Musique
Plus”. Striking while the iron was hot, the band returned to the studio to record their critically
acclaimed debut full-length album “Empire”, in 2013, led by the single and subsequent music video for
“Depths of Madness”. After years of crafting their live show and refining their sound, once again
Karkaos managed to come back stronger and more accomplished than ever with the release of their
second full length album, “Children of the Void”, in 2017, a testament to their work ethic and strength
as a band, diversifying their sound with the addition of the immensely talented and seasoned drummer
Justine Ethier (Blackguard, Sykode).

Following years of dedication, hard work, relentless writing and touring, the band has managed to
establish a strong foothold on the Quebec metal scene, performing alongside international acts such as
Into Eternity, Enslaved, The Agonist, UneXpect, Unleash the Archers, Delain and Leaves Eyes.
Now, with the addition of former Kittie singer/guitarist Morgan Lander at the helm, Karkaos is poised to
return more fierce and focused than ever, ushering in a devastating new era of power, presence and
brutality. Karkaos is ready to show the world what they are made of, while continuing to push the
boundaries of extreme melodic metal.

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