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is an Actress, who first surfaced in the post punk 80’s classic; 'Smithereens' before a decade of work with Italian Directors such as Argento, Bava, Fulci, Soave and Mattei. Geretta appeared in hits such as Demons, Murderock, Shocking Dark, and in the pre‐politically correct: Rats as “Chocolate.” She went on to performances in Domino, Warrior Of The Lost World, Buy and Cell,

Rent A Cop and The Good King Dagobert directed by Dino Risi.

Geretta has an international cult following having worked from Belfast to Cairo as an actress-model and is currently working on a humorous the memoir; “I Was Young & I Needed The Money” about

her time as an Italian scream queen - Playboy #9 Top Sexiest Scream Queens Of All Time - before completing “The American Film Institute, MFA Program” as a Screenwriter.

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